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We're turning small business owners into hiring experts.
Take the journey with us to hire your DREAM TEAM.


Do you feel like it’s nearly impossible to hire a good employee? Are you sick and tired of investing time and money into new hires, only to see them quit without warning? You’re desperately trying to establish a strong team to rebuild better. Don’t tie your employee to their chair to keep them! Mind your business, properly, to keep workers on the payroll long term.


This season, Think Outside the Firm will be turning you into a hiring expert. We’ll share how branding, creating a succession plan, learning what you don’t know with regard to legal regulations, establishing attractive benefits, and creating flexible work environments will help you to hire your dream team, and keep them.  

It's a jungle out there, but legal doesn't have to be.

-Ginny and Harmony

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Think Outside the Firm co-hosts,

Ginny Townsend and Harmony Oswald, in San Jose, CA.

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