Is your business pandemic-proof?

Join us as we empower business owners to spot issues, take action, stay safe, and thrive in a post-Covid19 world.  


Like a beast in the night, Covid-19 pandemic caught small business owners by surprise, quickly rendering them online, vulnerable, and unprepared. More than ever before, they are not sure whether they have a legal issue, so they randomly research on the internet and ask friends. They're confused and worried, and rightfully so. Pre-pandemic, according to the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, they were already paying $100 Billion per year on litigation. 

At Legalucy, we are in an incredible position to positively impact the world during this unprecedented time. We are working diligently to empower small business owners to narrow down issues, "pandemic proof" their companies, and regain safety and security. 
Join us as we take this journey to Think Outside the Firm.

Together, let’s change the way legal gets done!

-Ginny and Harmony

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Think Outside the Firm co-hosts,

Ginny Townsend and Harmony Oswald, in San Jose, CA.

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