• Ginny Townsend

Episode 12: High-Fiving a Legend and How to Find Powerful Use Cases for Your Offer!

Momentum is a powerful force in business. It can show up in many different ways - users telling other people about your product, media mentions, investor interest, and on and on.

Because it's such a powerful force, nurturing momentum is high on the list of executive responsibilities in a startup.

This week, Harmony shares a magical moment and the chain of events (the momentum) that led her to that event.

PLUS... we are so honored to have Deborah Gerhardt on our show! She is an Associate Professor of Law at UNC School of Law, where she specializes in the intersection of law and creativity. She has written leading articles in trademark, copyright, and art law. Deborah was awarded UNC’s 2018 Distinguished Teaching Award for Post-Baccalaureate Instruction. Deborah teaches Arts Entrepreneurship, Art Law, Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Contracts and a practical writing seminar on intellectual property strategies and transactions. Deborah also delivers valuable information to our users at legalucy.com, to help them better understand what it means to hold a Trademark.

And during the interview, we discuss the powerful use case that brought Harmony and Deborah across each other's path this past week.


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