• Ginny Townsend

S2E12: Business Leases and the Pandemic... What You Need to Know

Do you currently have a lease for your office or retail business? Are you considering opening a business that will need physical space during this time?

In this week's episode, we go over some very important and timely considerations such as:

- What if you're looking to get out of your lease? What options may you have? - Understanding some very important verbiage in your lease - Some questions to consider if you're looking to sign a lease during the pandemic

Also, in our Caught Doing Good segment, we're excited to feature Ocala Drive-In Move Theatre in Florida.

In fact, if you're looking for a unique movie-going experience right now, find a drive-in movie theatre near you at www.driveinmovie.com

Want to learn more about how to pandemic-proof your business during this time? Visit:


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